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Ways TMD Can Impact on An Individual’s Hearing

Ways TMD Can Impact on An Individual’s Hearing

Hearing Loss and TMJ

Deafness is a very rampant problem which afflicts millions of people of varying age groups. Although old age is a major precursor in bad hearing, it cannot truly and fully explain hearing loss. Another often underestimated cause of this illness which could be playing a prominent role: the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Signs of TMJ-Associated hearing loss

It doesn’t take rocket science for one to know that the TMJ is very much associated to the ear and can cause problems to this very delicate organ. Individuals who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) may endure ear pains for quite a while. They may often consult an ear expert who tells them that their ear is in good condition and end up pointing to allergies or just live on with it without any explanation.

However, ear pains although mostly very discomforting are just a part of the problem. Many TMD sufferers discover that tinnitus and hearing loss can start as a result of TMJ problems, and it can be very hard to get an accurate diagnosis. Many are told that they need hearing aids, meanwhile it’s the jaw problem at work.

Since the ears are very delicate and important to full body balance, many people with TMD also experience dizziness and nausea problems too.

How TMJ Affects the Ears

Pains in the jaw joint can move to the ear simply because of its closeness to the organ. The TMJ is situated near the ear, so swelling of the jaw always has an effect on the ear.

This inflammation also leads to stuffed up Eustachian tubes which causes congestion and an uncomfortable feeling in the ear and difficulty in hearing. If the fluids present in these tubes are not removed through the normal process, hearing is most definitely going to be affected.

Nerves close to the ears may also feel painful feelings from the  TMJ and this hampers hearing ability.

Ways to Treat TMJ-Related Hearing Issues

 Hearing is a very sophisticated process and many factors are involved in any hearing loss. If you encounter other signs of TMD such as jaw aches, migraines, stiffness or trouble opening the mouth wide, Contact TMJ dentist Dr. Afsaneh Moradi for a thorough diagnosis. Many times when TMD is cured, problems like hearing loss are very easy to stop.

If you cannot hear very well, you could be missing all the sweet sounds life has to make. Call Dr. Afsaneh Moradi to elaborate on your TMD signs and hop on the healing bandwagon now!

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