Bioesthetic Dentistry in Houston | Dental Wellness Group
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Bioesthetic Dentistry

Observe non-surgical face lift and the effects of Bioesthetic Dentistry on the eyes, lips, facial form, and muscle posture.

When it comes to something as important as your teeth, you want to be sure they remain beautiful and healthy for life. In simple terms, a healthy mouth looks great, feels great and chews great.

Bioesthetic Dentistry provides you with all of the above a beautiful natural looking smile that is comfortable, functional and lasting.

Bioesthetics is the study of the human chewing system in its natural form and function. It is based on years of scientific research and observation of healthy natural dentitions where the teeth.

bioesthetic dentistry

In these chewing systems, jaw joints are stable, muscles are relaxed and teeth are practically unworn providing excellent esthetics, function, comfort and longevity.

The foundation of bioesthetic dentistry is based on the identification and correction of problems with the teeth, jaw, and muscles – which all function together as a system – in order to create an everlasting, beautiful smile.

Bioesthetic Principles help to achieve optimal oral health and wellness.