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Before After

Edge to Edge Bite

The patient had an edge to edge bite and significant teeth discoloration. To correct her bad bite, Dr. Moradi aligned her jaw and gave her veneers for a beautiful smile with natural-looking teeth.


Open Bite

The patient upper front tooth was longer than the one next to it when biting down. Dr. Moradi corrected the bite by placing crowns and bonding on the patient’s upper and lower teeth.


Missing Teeth & Removable Partials

This patient had several missing teeth and removable partials. We placed implants and veneers to achieve the proper bite and brighten the smile. More of his neck is now visible, and the face is elongated, for an attractive appearance.


Locked Jaw

The patient’s jaw was locked; he could not open his mouth due to severe TMJ disorder. Dr. Moradi corrected the patient’s bite with TMJ therapy and bonding, as well as relieving him of pain and giving him a healthy smile.


Grinding of the Teeth

Heavy clenching and grinding of the teeth (bruxism) led to this patient’s teeth being ground down and muscle tightness around the lips and cheeks. We restored the damaged teeth and corrected the bite with porcelain crowns and veneers. Now the facial muscles relax, more teeth show, and the lips are fuller, thanks to the anti-aging dentistry techniques.


Grinding and Smoking

Due to teeth grinding and smoking cigarettes, this patient has lost enamel and got severely stained teeth. Dr. Moradi corrected his bite with veneers and gave him a youthful-looking smile. In the process, the chin rolled down and the face gained a longer look with a wider smile line.


Gummy Smile

A gummy smile and tilted teeth were issues fixed without requiring braces. Dr. Moradi used a removable appliance to give this patient a beautiful smile without braces, widen the smile line, and balance the gum-to-teeth ratio.


Open Bite, TMJ Pain & More

The patient had double jaw surgery, TMJ pain for many years, and vertigo. She could not close her mouth; the upper and lower teeth did not meet. With TMJ therapy, Dr. Moradi freed the patient from pain and restored her smile with porcelain crowns and veneers.


Gap Between Front Teeth

The patient had a gap between her two front teeth and was unhappy with her smile. After Dr. Moradi did her bite analysis, she not only had the beautiful smile that she had wished for but also a corrected bite so that her teeth could come together properly.

Gap Between Front Teeth