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Migraine Headaches

Finding a migraine headache solution free of medications and injections is possible. By learning more about the latest information on potential causes of migraines, including a TMJ headache, can be valuable toward getting relief.

Causes of Migraines

Migraines can be signs of temporomandibular joint disorder, which is commonly known as TMD. When patients tell us they suffer from headaches, we often find they have TMJ issues. Other TMJ problems include jaw pain, discomfort in the neck, and ringing in the ears. A TMJ headache typically occurs because of how the jaw joint tenses the muscles of the face and neck in TMD patients.

Ways to Treat a Migraine Headache

Several treatment options are available for throbbing headaches, better known as migraines. Often people seek pills as pain blockers. Other ways to help relieve the intense headaches include muscle therapy, nerve-decompression therapy, and psychological therapy. With a TMJ headache, however, these methods do not get to the core issue and the facial and neck muscle tension continues for the patient. The tension specifically comes from malocclusion, which is the irregular fit of the upper teeth with the lower teeth.

Other Ways to Treat a Migraine Headache Caused by TMD

If you suffer from severe headaches migraines, it is advisable to consult with a dentist who specializes in TMJ disorder treatment to see if your pain is related to jaw joint dislocation. Regular dentists or physicians will not have an answer for you on this subject as they do not have the specialized treatment education, experience, or proper dental instruments. The process for treating a TMJ headache focuses on properly positioning the jaw to relieve pain by relaxing the muscles. This sophisticated treatment provides relief for the neck and facial muscles because they no longer need to keep straining to position the teeth to bite, due to jaw misalignment. While a regular dentist concentrates on the teeth, bones, and gums, our team at Dental Wellness Group has precise focus on the tissues (soft and hard), muscles, and nerves, which are all areas influenced by a misaligned jaw. We understand how to effectively treat a migraine headache due to TMJ issues. Our goal is to help align the bite in a neuromuscular way, while at the same time realigning the neck, jaw, and head. Once the muscles are no longer facing immense tension, head posture can improve and become optimal. Also, chewing patterns improve as chewing muscles link to the jaw’s movement. When the jaw improves, then so do the muscles of the neck and head. The interconnections are complex but a TMJ headache specialist understands them. Treatments to remedy a migraine headache due to TMJ issues, will also alleviate TMD and pain of the head and neck. The options take into account the associations between jaw position, posture of the head and neck, and dental restriction.

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