What Are The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Bite Correction? | DWG Houston
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What Are The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Bite Correction?


What Are The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Bite Correction?

You are wondering how dentist can help you to look younger? How does the bite relate to look of the face, lips fullness and wrinkles? Let’s look at this topic closer. There are two major types of bites: the good bite and malocclusion (i.e. improper or irregular bite) which has to do with the inconsistency of the teeth when the jaws close. During dental exams, Dr. Moradi is capable of not only recognizing malocclusion but can also generate a custom-made treatment plan to correct the bite problem without any surgery involved.

Is Dental Work the New Anti-Aging Procedure?

Fixing your teeth has the potential of being more effective than botulinum toxin (Botox). This is because fixing them has to do with creating inner supportive structure for your face which serves to regenerate youthfulness or freshness naturally, as stated by a professional aesthetic dentist.


What Non-Medical Or Non-Clinical Options Exist For Bite Correction?

There are various non-clinical options available for bite correction. If you subconsciously grind your teeth when sleeping, which, after a while, could lead to the breaking, wearing or cracking of your teeth, the use of night guards could be implemented. No matter how strong the sheer forces are, dental guards will protect your teeth from harm.

The most conventional way out for the correction of teeth irregularities is Orthodontics. Other prevalent options are the use of oral appliances like braces as well as retainers. These instruments employ the same approach, that is, to gradually realign or reposition your teeth to the standard bite position.

Does The Positioning Of The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Affect The Bite?

Yes, the positioning of the TM Joint directly affects how the teeth come together. If the joint is out of its proper positioning there is a malocclusion. The temporomandibular joints are either of the hinge or jaw joints which connects the lower part of the jaw mandible with the temporal bone on each side of the head via the temporal muscles.

When implementing any bite correction it is essential to consider the tm joint positioning so it won’t create problems after the bite is corrected. In our center Dr. Moradi will examine your teeth, bite and do the diagnosis of any TMD issues.

Bite Correction: Taking Full Advantage of Your Health

The abnormal fit of the upper and lower mandibles leads to neuromuscular stress in the head and neck regions, which is agonizing and distressing.

Patients suffering from the disorder of their temporomandibular joints encounter recurrent headaches in addition to discomfort in the head, neck and back. The excruciating pain hurts daily life likewise the origin of frequent physical unease.

What Is the Relation between Anti-Aging Dentistry And Bite Correction?

The concluding segment of bite correction has to do with anti-aging effect. Anti-aging dentistry can enhance the health of the patient and help look younger, all without the need for surgery.

The advantages of anti-aging dentistry consist of the lessening of stress to the temporomandibular joints, thereby relaxing muscles of the face which leads to reducing the wrinkles and improving the skin color as a result of more oxygen getting into the skin (since they are relaxed), improved bites as well as the reduction of stress on the head, neck and back. Bite correction via anti-aging dentistry also repeals the early aging of your face, enhance lip and facial support as well as improve the profile of your face together with the chin.

Anti-aging dentistry transposes bite deepening processes which happen in the course of aging and makes malocclusion worse. Deep bites, apart from hindering the intelligibility of speech, also bring about the altering of the facial structure which can negatively influence the smile. The facial structure becomes deformed, giving the impression of being shorter and round than previously, and makes the chin appear smaller than the face. Poor teeth alignment, or malocclusion, is responsible for these physical changes.

When Is the Best Time To Go For The Correction Of A Deep Bite?

Start undergoing treatment to correct issues without delay rather than allowing the issue to get worse. As long as pain from the temporomandibular joints and malocclusion can lower the quality of your life as a result of misery caused by agony and aches, getting a treatment plan underway is good for you.

Take the plunge right away and begin to enjoy the amazing benefits of anti-aging dentistry which includes enjoying a healthy and joyful life.