Meet Dr. Afsaneh Moradi / Houston TMJ Dentist/ Dental Wellness Group
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Meet Afsaneh K. Moradi, DDS, MS

Dr. Moradi is the TMJ Dentist in Houston, TX and works in two locations of the Dental Wellness Group: in River Oaks and Dairy Ashford. She devotes her practice to help people with TMJ disorder using non-surgical dental procedures. With over 16 years of successful TMJ treatment, she saw on practice how aligning the lower jaw and stabilizing the jaw joint helps to treat headaches, ringing in the ear, sleep apnea, asthma and also save the teeth from grinding and as well as the cracking of the crowns. Her journey to becoming a TMJ specialist began when her little son began to suffer from sleep apnea and ENT doctors could not do much about it because it was related to his TMJ disorder. Dr. Moradi was able to help her son as well as many more patients. Her passion is to help people live free from TMJ pain.


Dr. Moradi graduated with honors from The University of Texas Dental School in 1991 and had her general practice residency in UT San Antonio in 1992. She also holds a Master in Chemical Engineering from Rice University. Advanced training was acquired at the Pankey Institute and Orognathic Bioesthetic Institute. She is among only 350 doctors worldwide that have completed the program and one of the few doctors that practice in Houston, TX.

With her passion for advancement in the field of biological dentistry she strives to better serve her patients with the understanding of how critical it is to have dentition, muscles and temporomandibular joints (TMJ) in the proper position to prevent and reduce worn dentition. She has been using soft and hard tissue laser for ten years in her practice.

Dr. Moradi holds her IV sedation certificate and does wisdom teeth surgical extractions. She has more than 800 hours of continuing education in occlusion, gum surgery, root canal therapy, and orthodontics. Her philosophy of treatment is biology-based restorative dentistry with a conservative, non-surgical approach.

Dr. Moradi maintains a full time practice in the River Oaks and Memorial. Her passion is to give the best to her patients and her family.

The real beauty starts from attractive smile where the muscles, teeth, and joints are in harmony.

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