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Fuller Lips Without Injections

fuller lips antiaging dentistry

Fuller Lips Without Injections

Getting Fuller Lips Without Injections

If your lips look thin and a plump pout is what you want, the first solution that comes to mind may be injections. But this method is only a short-term fix. Thankfully, there is a longer lasting way to get fuller lips without injections.

Why do Lips Thin Out?

Thinning of the lips over time is normal. With age, lips lose elasticity and begin to sag. The reason is a loss of fat and collagen, as well as decades of repeated facial activities. While moisturizing the lips will help improve their appearance, it is only a first step toward looking your best.

fuller lips antiaging dentistry

How Injections Fall Short

Lip augmentation techniques are only a short term solution. The procedure involves a professional using dermal fillers in the lips and around the mouth to add volume to the lips. But these are temporary processes and typically do not target the core issue. To look your best, taking care of the surface or skin is as important as addressing the foundation of the skin from inside. A more suitable measure that does exactly that is anti-aging dentistry.

Bigger Lips with Anti-Aging Dentistry

To make squished or thin lips look fuller again, anti-aging dentistry is a great solution that you may not have yet taken into consideration. The dental procedure focuses on the foundation for the lips, including the teeth and jaw. Anti-aging dentistry is designed to take years off the face by addressing the structure beneath the lips and mouth. Aging naturally can lead to a shorter-looking face, and tooth wear occurs over the years too.

Stabilizing the inner support of the face, through anti-aging dentistry techniques, can help muscles to relax and elongate, which increases the visibility of the lips. Also, fine lines and wrinkles around the lips may be due to an unstable foundation, so addressing the supports for the face is important to reducing these signs of aging.

How Dr. Moradi Can Restore Youth

Dr. Moradi, the leading anti-aging dentist in Houston, can improve the youthfulness of your face by correcting an aging bite. This alteration will improve the facial profile and enable the jaw to feel more comfortable too. Yes, fuller lips without injections are possible! Now you see how. Say goodbye to thin lips that make you look years older than you are, as well as the wrinkles and sagging skin below the jawline and chin, with anti-aging dentistry. Learn more about the non-invasive dental treatment by calling our office today.