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Anti-Aging Dentistry

Look noticeably younger and more vibrant with better facial support!

Anti-aging dentistry in Houston, performed under the proven expertise of Dr. Moradi, can keep your face youthful in appearance without any surgery. The unique dental procedures help to improve and reverse the signs of getting older.
By combining advanced technology with a bioesthetic-based approach, Dr. Moradi can whiten and brighten your smile, add fullness and a more youthful oval shape to your face, reduce wrinkles, level your smile, and make your lips fuller – all without injectable fillers or surgery.

How does the anti-aging dentistry work?

When anti-aging dentistry methods align the jaw joints in the proper positions, enable the chewing system to work how it naturally should, and properly match the teeth to each other, then the facial muscles can relax. Muscle tension in the neck and jaw dissipates too (whether the patient notices it or not), and the patient has a visible face lift. Other benefits can include reduced wrinkles, which smooth out around the mouth, and even an improvement in skin coloring.

Dr. Moradi’s anti-aging dentistry treatments in Houston involve state-of-the-art technology that can achieve what was formerly considered the impossible. This area of dentistry aims to retain your natural appearance and undo the effects of aging, by focusing on the improving the esthetic appearance of the bottom third of your face.

Lips Support

Over time, lips naturally lose elasticity and start to droop. By providing proper support for the lips, anti-aging dentistry procedures help to improve the youthfulness of the face. As the teeth and jaw support the lips and mouth, it is important to keep the foundation stable as the person ages. When wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face, it can be a sign of an unstable support system beneath them.

Also, the lower face naturally starts to sink in over the years, due to gravity and aging. One solution is to put in special veneers, which can build up the lower third of the face for an amazing face lift. These veneers can plump up the ends of the mouth to eliminate black corners when you smile and can reduce wrinkles too.

Face Lift

An oval face shape is typically associated with a youthful appearance. As a person ages, the face becomes rounder, and the chin becomes smaller in size. Also, teeth generally wear over time, so they become smaller, and the upper teeth show less when an older person smiles than a younger person. An aging bite and jaw account for these changes to the face.

When the bite and jaw positioning go untreated, the face becomes shorter year after year.

The facial changes are telltale signs of your age, although the observer may not even notice what exactly is changing.

Often after patients undergo anti-aging dental treatment, people start to ask them if they got a haircut, lost weight, had a skin procedure, or even underwent face lift surgery. The questions begin because patients look noticeably younger and reinvigorated.

Anti Aging Dentistry

About the Anti-Aging Dentistry Consultation

Dr. Moradi begins with a consultation, where she examines every aspect of your face, from your bite and jaw joint positioning to the color and shape of your teeth.

Proper dental work can smooth out wrinkles surrounding your mouth, support the lip and chin lines, provide a fuller lip or level the look of your smile. And you do not need to undergo any plastic surgery to get these results.

Dr. Moradi is a leader in the field of anti-aging dentistry in Houston, Texas. She uses cutting-edge technology and provides precise, safe, and quality anti-aging dental work, free of pain. Dr. Moradi uses only the best materials and equipment on the market, which she combines with in-depth knowledge and practical experience.