TMJ dentist in Houston reveals a secret to ideal smile
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Houston TMJ dentist reveals a secret to an ideal smile

Houston TMJ dentist reveals a secret to an ideal smile

Ideal Smile with help of TMJ Dentist in Houston

When it comes to an ideal smile you would immediately think of white and straight teeth, right? There is much more to truly healthy and beautiful smile. Cosmetic and TMJ dentist in Houston Dr. Afsaneh Moradi reveals the latest advances in the dentistry.

Imagine a smile that you would say is beautiful. Yes, it is naturally white teeth, it is a straight line of teeth with no spaces, correct bite and naturally full lips. Now, have you noticed that sometimes people have white and straight line of teeth but their smile doesn’t look relaxed, it feels that they are tensing their mouth or they are forced to smile. Hey, if you know this person well you know that he or she is truly happy and this is just the way he or she smiles. So, what’s wrong?

The answer lies in the jaw joint positioning that effects how we chew, open the mouth and smile. Even a slight dislocation, that is not noticeable, with no pain or any discomfort, will make the lips muscles and muscles around the mouth become tensed. That’s why some people would have tensed smiles. Of course, if you have had this condition all your life you would not be able to know the difference. But if you now look for ways of how to enhance your look, reduce wrinkles and prevent or treat bone loss which often accompany the jaw joint (TMJ) dislocation – you need to be seen by the TMJ dentist and have the night appliances treatment done, that will help you to see the significant improvements in the way you smile, feel and look.

Who is a TMJ dentist?

TMJ dentist is a dentist who has undergone an expensive advanced education on how the jaw joint effects the health of the teeth and is certified to treat TMJ related conditions. TMJ is a medical term for the jaw joint.

Dr. Afsaneh Moradi with Dental Wellness Groups had that advanced education done when she needed to treat her son and no one in Houston could answer her questions, and now she has 18 years of successful experience of treating TMJ disorders with dental procedures and is passionate about this advances in medicine. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Moradi to learn more about your teeth and jaw health.


Dr. Moradi is the Cosmetic and TMJ Dentist in Houston, TX . Her passion is to help people with TMJ disorders using non-surgical dental procedures. With over 18 years of successful TMJ treatment, she saw on practice how aligning the lower jaw and stabilizing the jaw joint helps to enhance the smile, reduce wrinkles around the mouth as well as treat headaches, ringing in the ear, sleep apnea, asthma, save the teeth from grinding and the cracking of the crowns.

Dr. Moradi works in two locations of the Dental Wellness Group: in River Oaks and Dairy Ashford.

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