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Summer Snacks Compatible with TMJ Pain

summer snacks and tmj

Summer Snacks Compatible with TMJ Pain

Snacks are very effective for maintaining energy levels between meals. The downside, however, is that most of the snacks that are readily available are bad for our health. Snacks like chips or some other chewy snacks are particularly unhealthy for anyone with tmj pain. This doesn’t mean you can’t heartily enjoy any snack though. Here are some snacks that can take you through the summer without the risk of aggravating your TMJ jaw pain.

Smoothies for TMJ patients

If you want to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables without having to worry about aggravating your TMJ jaw pain, blending them into a smoothie is never a bad idea, any time of the year. Any other soft and juicy fruit will work just great, for example, a watermelon, melon, or kiwi! But make sure to cut the fruits into easy bites!

Jaw-friendly veggies

For people suffering from TMJ jaw pain, munching on crunchy raw veggies may prove too difficult a task. A good idea would be to take advantage of summertime grilling. Grilled vegetables are ideal for people with jaw pain as chewing them does not induce much stress on the jaw. The good news is that virtually all your favorite vegetables can be grilled. So the next time you or anybody suffering from TMJ pain you know wants to take vegetable, whether it’s asparagus or squash or mushrooms, remember to throw it on the grill first.

summer snacks and tmj

Protein for muscles

Protein bars are great when you need a quick burst of energy, but the chewy ones would only serve as fuel for your TMJ jaw pain. Cottage cheese is, however, a more than adequate alternative- high protein, low sugar, easy to chew- just what anybody suffering from TMJ jaw pain needs. What’s more? You can dress cottage cheese in many healthy ways depending on your tastes and cravings.

Potassium-Rich Treats

People suffering from TMJ pain need extra potassium due to its vital role in maintaining healthy muscles. Snacks such as bananas and apricots can provide the extra potassium without aggravating your jaw pain. Grilled or roasted sweet potatoes are another great option whether you choose to bake them as fries or toss them on a salad.

Smart summer sipping

Although you may think it’s only chewy foods that are capable of worsening your TMJ pain, certain beverages too may not be good for you. Iced coffee drinks or iced tea, for example, have a high caffeine content and caffeine is known to increase grinding leading to greater stress on the jaw joint and more wear on the teeth. Caffeine-free or decaffeinated tea is thus better for people with jaw pain.

summer tea for tmj pain