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What is the Difference between a Cosmetic Family Dentist and TMJ Dentist?

tmj dentist Houston

What is the Difference between a Cosmetic Family Dentist and TMJ Dentist?

Many great cosmetic and family dentists can perform quality work on your teeth, from putting on crowns to veneers and braces. But there are other dentistry options too. As science and technology progress, new findings and practices emerge that help us to be healthier and prevent many dental problems in the beginning stages. Find out more below about dental health and the differences between a reputable family dentist and a TMJ dentist.

A Difference in Approach: TMJ Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist

A regular dentist does the job that you expect of a dentist. This professional can check for cavities, assess the health of the gums and tongue, put in filings, design and insert crowns, and apply veneers. As for the TMJ dentist, he or she will do everything mentioned above that a family cosmetic dentist does as well as going beyond to look at the jaw joint (TM joint) positioning.

So, why is it important to check the jaw joint?

tmj dentist Houston
jaw joint and earache

Dental (and Overall) Health Depends on Jaw Joint Positioning

There are two jaw joints on the human scalp, which are located next to each ear. When you open your mouth and when you chew, these joints perform the job of allowing the lower jaw to move. If there is a small discrepancy – meaning the joint doesn’t go into the socket properly – the whole system becomes affected – the teeth won’t match each other properly (and you won’t even notice that unless it is a huge discrepancy) leading to bone loss and grinding of the teeth.

Talking about overall health, when the jaw joint is out of position then the facial and head muscles become stressed and tense, which may lead to headaches, earaches, pain, and cosmetic problems (when lips become too thin and more wrinkles appear around the mouth). In severe cases of TMJ disorder, people may experience locking of the jaw, and it is only in these times that they would even know that they have a TMJ problem and need to see a TMJ specialist.

In other minor cases, people are often not aware of the jaw joint issues. Their family dentist might tell them that they are stressing too much as an explanation for bone loss or teeth ground down.

Seek the Best Specialist

It is always better to check with a TMJ dentist to see if there are any problems with the jaw joint so that you can prevent many future health problems and properly treat conditions. The TMJ dentist has all the credentials and experience of a family cosmetic dentist plus advanced dental education in TMJ disorders (jaw joint disorders) and is qualified to treat the TMJ with non-surgical dental procedures.

In Houston, there are only a few TMJ dentists who have gone through a complete and thorough education. Dr. Afsaneh Moradi with Dental Wellness Group is one of them. She has 17 years of experience successfully treating patients (adults and kids) who have TJ conditions. You can read more about her education and background here.

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