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All about Laser Gum Treatment

laser dentistry and laser gum treatment

All about Laser Gum Treatment

Lasers can be an effective way to treat periodontal disease. The application of laser therapy to gum disease has revolutionized dentistry. The Dental Wellness Group is proud to offer laser gum treatment.

When is Laser Gum Treatment Helpful?

When or a person is diagnosed with gum disease or told that gum surgery is necessary, laser gum disease treatment provides a great alternative to more conventional methods. Rather than using a scalpel, a laser dentist uses a concentrated high-energy beam of light and stitches are not a requirement. The result is an easier recovery process and minimal bleeding. The laser also retains gum tissue and lessens root exposure and sensitivity.

Laser gum treatment also minimizes pain, so much so that anesthetics like novocaine are not used for all dental procedures. This advantage enables Dr. Moradi’s ability to treat pregnant or medically compromised patients. Dr. Moradi has certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD).

laser dentistry and laser gum treatment

What are the Top Benefits of Laser Therapy in Dentistry?

The dental laser is an impressive, efficient tool for bettering oral health for patients around the globe with less pain and less tissue removal than more conventional gum surgery. Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment for periodontal disease also include minimal bleeding and controlled swelling.

How Does Laser Treatment for Gum Disease Work?

Laser treatment is less invasive than traditional gum surgery at repairing the damage by removing the infection and closing infected pockets between gum and teeth. The dental laser removes damaging bacteria and unhealthy tissue from the gum pocket by way of a digitalized laser light passed over the area between the gum and tooth.

laser gum treatment

What Should I Expect When Undergoing Laser Gum Treatment?

First, we apply a local anesthetic to alleviate any potential discomfort. We then insert a very small laser fiber between the gum and tooth to remove the infection precisely by only clearing away the sickly tissue. The laser light is only the thickness of three human hairs.

Along with diminishing the bacteria, the laser treatment also encourages existing cells to grown new root surface coating and new attachments to this coating via connective tissue. And this is all done without a single incision.

Once the diseased tissue is cleared away, the laser cauterizes the laceration. This method minimizes bleeding and has the distinct advantage of sealing the nerve endings. At the end of the laser gum treatment, patient typically has only minimal discomfort.