Achieve Non-Surgical Facelift by Correcting your Bite
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Achieve Non-Surgical Facelift by Correcting your Bite

non-surgical facelift

Achieve Non-Surgical Facelift by Correcting your Bite

Many people notice their facial skin starting to sag at a very young age. Anti-aging creams, skin therapy, and surgeries may reduce the signs of aging but they do not address the muscular structure of your face that supports your skin. So, what is the secret to maintaining a healthy, young-looking face? The answer is cosmetic bioesthetic dentistry and a non-surgical facelift. Find out more about such procedures and how they relate to bite correction in Houston below.

non-surgical facelift

How does bite correction relate to how your skin looks?

When you have an improper bite, meaning that the teeth do not match each other properly (even a small discrepancy will matter), the muscles around your mouth and on the cheeks become tense. Over time, they shorten, making your face look smaller and rounder. Some individuals even say that they had an “angry face.”

People don’t always know they have issues with their bite. There’s no pain, no chewing problems. But there could be other signs, such as bone loss, crowns that easily fall out, and grinded teeth (even one or two grinded teeth is a sign), along with possible migraines and a tense-looking mouth. As we said, even a small discrepancy that goes unnoticed by the patient will matter when it comes to the health and beauty of your smile.

Once bite correction in Houston is completed, the muscles around your mouth become more relaxed and elongate to the optimum length. Patients say that their facial expression looks happier, more relaxed and calm. This is because the skin tightens up and wrinkles reduce when facial muscles provide proper support to the skin. Relaxed muscles also deliver more oxygen to the skin, so the skin starts looking healthier.

This non-surgical facelift can be achieved with help of a cosmetic dentist who has undergone advanced education in bioesthetic dentistry and understands the treatment of TMJ (jaw joint) related issues.

What should you know about bite correction and a non-surgical facelift?

Bite correction in Houston may be achieved with braces, ortho appliances, or by redesigning the length and shape of your teeth with veneers, crowns or even small tooth-colored additions.

An important factor in the Houston bite correction process is to examine the lower jaw’s location in relation to the upper jaw by looking at the position of the jaw joint (TMJ). When fixing the bite, this factor must be top priority because the position of the jaw joint determines how the teeth come together. Therefore, only a TMJ dentist or cosmetic dentist with bioesthetic advanced training can perform such diagnostic and provide proper treatment.

Dr. Afsaneh Moradi with Dental Wellness Group have over 17 years of experience working with TMJ related issues and cosmetic anti-aging dentistry. You are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Moradi to better understand your conditions and treatment options available for you. Bite correction in Houston may be the right non-surgical facelift for you.

You can have a beautiful smile and young looking face!

Call our office today at 713-590-9777 to schedule a comlimentary consultation with the leading cosmetic dentist in Houston, Dr. Afsaneh Moradi with Dental Wellness Group