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Cracking the Secret to Treating Gum Disease


Cracking the Secret to Treating Gum Disease

Treating gum disease does not have to be a mystery any longer. Here is a simple solution, involving Perio Protect Gel.

Shhh, Infections are Hidden

One of the main reasons people don’t treat their gum disease right away is that they don’t know they have it. Infections are often hidden, out of sight, below your gums.

Therefore, it is important to check your gums regularly. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to bad breath, bone loss, bleeding gums, and even encourage teeth to fall out. Bacteria can also enter your body and lead to health issues, such as blood clots, strokes, and diabetes.

Given these risks, it’s important to be serious about treating gum disease!

Treating Gum Disease: A Two-Step Process

Keeping away the potentially damaging effects of infected gums requires professional dental cleanings. During these appointments, bacterial clusters are removed to help keep away gum disease.
However, additional actions are also necessary to fend off bacteria, which you can regularly do at home. When you combine regular cleanings at a dentist’s office with consistent use of Perio Protect Gel at home, you strengthen your oral health.

The secret is the hydrogen peroxide within Perio Gel; this active ingredient gets into the layer of slime that covers bacterial groups. It also often has a teeth-whitening effect. Perio Protect has been leading the way in treating gum disease for more than ten years.

With the Perio Tray, it’s a cinch to apply the gel, and the medication stays below the gum tissue long enough for the hydrogen peroxide to take effect. Simply place the tray into your mouth for one minute each day. Fighting bacteria that leads to gum disease just got a whole lot easier!

The tray has been pre-fit your mouth by your dentist, according to your oral health needs and is comfortable to use. Once in place, the medication disperses to the gum pocket, which is where infections often originate. The “pocket” is the gap between the tooth and gum tissues.

This maintenance suite, which features professional dental cleanings and Perio Gel, is an excellent way to prevent advanced harm to gum tissues, bad breath, and bone loss.
At our office, Dental Wellness Group, we provide everything for your maintenance program, from assessing your mouth for signs of infection to the customization of your Perio Tray, and showing you how to use the tray. You are well on your way to a brighter, healthier smile!