How Sniffling And Sneezing Are Related To TMJ Jaw Pain
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How Sniffling and Sneezing are Related to Jaw Pain

How Sniffling and Sneezing are Related to Jaw Pain

Having an allergy or a cold is miserable enough, but you may discover that it is not only your nose that feels the pain when you are managing nasal congestion and illnesses. The two health problems may appear to be unrelated, the truth is, anything that involves your throat, nose or your head in general, can have an influence on your jaw.

Respiratory tract infection and TMJ pain: how are they related?

If you have a sinus infection or a cold, then you may discover that your temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ pain) also gets worse. Headaches and aches in the body usually accompany most illnesses, but then, the nasal congestion may add to the irritation of your jaw. When you forcefully open your mouth as a result of sneezing and coughing, your TMJ pain can get worse.


It is usually hard to get to sleep when one is sick, and this can aggravate the TMJ pain as well. In any case, sleeplessness can worsen the pain and even make it all the harder to manage stress. Physical stress, brought on as a result of being sick in addition to emotional stress can lead to the intensification of teeth grinding and a resultant boost in jaw pain.

You need to drink lots of water as well as fluids that are non-caffeinated, rest well and eat warm foods that don’t make you stress your jaw like soup. Frequent washing of hands will help you to avoid colds in the first instance, and by eating a balanced diet in addition to getting sufficient rest for your body, you will have an excellent chance of staying healthy at all times.

In conclusion, remember that stress is related to both jaw pain and illness; therefore, it is important for you to manage your stress if you want your immune system to remain strong. This can also help you to reduce TMJ pain altogether. It is beneficial for your mental and physical health as well.

Regular allergic reactions and TMJ

People that exhibit periodic allergic reactions are predisposed to complications with their TMJ along with a congested nose, itchy eyes, nose, ears as well as the throat. Symptoms that resemble that of having a cold are displayed, with the jaw frequently stressed from mouth breathing, sneezing, and irritation. Nasal congestion also engenders earaches, and the presence of TMJ can multiply the pain and discomfort.

Sadly, a lot of individuals go through the year, enduring persistent allergies with no idea on how to get rid of the pains. Some seasonal allergies cannot be constrained or regulated, and if that is the case with you, then have a discussion with your medical doctor to find out the various options that exist which can help you. Nasal rinses are just one option that you should consider using to get rid of allergens from your nose. Then get in touch with Dr. Moradi, the TMJ dentist at Dental Wellness Group to get more information about how to be free from jaw pain for life. Proper treatment of this ailment will give you a new lease of life as you will be free from TMJ and its troubles. If you want to experience jaw pain relief, then you should consider taking this step as soon as possible.