The Perplexing Nature Of Tmj Disorder & How it Masquerades Itself Effectively
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The Perplexing Nature Of Tmj Disorder and How it Masquerades Itself Effectively


The Perplexing Nature Of Tmj Disorder and How it Masquerades Itself Effectively

It is quite difficult to diagnose temporomandibular disorders or TMD medically. Every so often, somebody exhibits TMD symptoms for several years before getting the correct diagnosis. Why cases like this happen is because symptoms of temporomandibular disorders are sometimes unclear as TMD excellently disguises itself. Therefore, symptoms of TMD that should have been recognized and treated early are believed to be symptoms of some other ailment other than TMD.

Most of the time, the symptoms of TMD are similar to that of other ailments. Consequently, an individual suffering from TMD may visit one clinic or test lab to another, undergoing various tests and seeing several physicians or medical experts for several years just to fix the problem behind the terrible pains. The solution to that ailment may elude the person. This is why such individuals enjoy a tremendous sense of relief when they finally discover the right treatment which eliminates all their pains.

tmj tmd symptoms

Incorrect Diagnosis: Migraine

Nine times out of ten, headaches could be caused by several illnesses, conditions or injuries. When a person suffering from TMD complains of a headache, it is not readily traceable to TMD, but blamed on other types of illnesses. Lots of people suffer as a result of headaches triggered by grinding of the teeth as well as inflamed jaws which are traits that are associated with TMD. But most times, even medical doctors inform such patients that undue stress causes a headache or a migraine.

For that reason, if you have been undergoing intense pain or a severe headache which has refused to go away despite submitting to lots of medications, then you should begin to pay more attention to the possibility of TMD as the causal agent. Pain relievers will not be effective in this case; the ideal step to take is to find out the primary cause of the headaches, and if it is related to the jaw, to take the appropriate measures to get rid of the pain at all costs.

Incorrect Diagnosis: Sinus Issues

A lot of individuals struggle with allergies and intermittent cold bouts. When such happens, such people endure pain in their sinuses as well as accompanying headaches. But if the pain in your sinuses persists in spite of the treatment that is administered to take care of the allergy, then something else could be at play. Most times, the inflammation of your jaw joint, or its dislocation could be the reason why you are passing through so much pain, yet because you are not aware or knowledgeable about the symptoms of TMD, you could be blaming the pains on your sinuses.

Individuals suffering from persistent sinus problems would find relief when they seek the help of a specialist in the treatment of ear, nose or throat infections. If the problems refuse to go away, then the problem could be traced or related to TMD.

Incorrect diagnosis:  Pain in the Ear

If you have experienced pain in your ear before, you must have known how excruciating the pain is. Of course, when you suffer from an infection of the ear, the diagnosis seems quite evident. But if the pain in the ear persists without any apparent infection, then there may be other underlying causes of the pain. The TM joint is close to your ears; therefore, when your jaw becomes inflamed, there is the possibility of the inflammation spreading to your ear and resulting in that agonizing pain.

If you have dismissed or discarded the idea of an infection of the ear or the presence of fluid in the ear, then why not visit a medical center to evaluate your jaw joint for any hidden problem? Doing this will enable you to determine the reason behind your constant earaches, and you will end up undertaking the proper medical treatment that will get rid of the pain for you.


What Triggers Off Your Pain?

If you have suffered from constant headaches, pain in the air, or any facial pain which has defied medical treatment, this means that you must change your methodology of dealing with this issue. The best person for you to contact right away is Dr. Moradi, TMJ dentist at Dental Wellness Group, and she will help you to determine if TMD or any other problem of the jaw is the reason behind the ongoing pains in your body. Fix an appointment with the medical doctor to get rid of all forms of orofacial pain today!