How to Minimize TMD Pain So You Get a Better Sleep
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How to Minimize TMD Pain So You Get a Better Sleep

How to Minimize TMD Pain So You Get a Better Sleep

Mornings can be hectic, between rushing to get the kids to school and yourself to work, and suffering from TMD can just make the a.m. time even rougher. Jaw pain and other TMD symptoms can keep you awake during the night, preventing a good sleep and leaving you tired in the morning. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize TMD pain so that you have a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day!

What Kind of Pillow Should You Choose?

For a TMD sufferer, a pillow can make all the difference in sleep quality. If you awake with a sore back or neck, the chances are good that your jaw pain will be there too. For TMD sufferers, look for a pillow that aligns your neck and back properly. If you are a stomach sleeper, do your best to try a different position as this particular one puts a lot of pressure on the jaw.


Will a New Mattress Help with TMD Pain?

Yes, a mattress can improve your sleep when it provides better support to reduce pressure points in your jaw, neck, and spine. If your current mattress dips down or you notice it has less support than it used to, it is probably a good time to invest in a new mattress. We suggest you start with getting a new pillow and if that change does not reduce your TMD symptoms, then look at getting a new mattress too.

Does Stress Elevate Jaw Pain?

Absolutely. Being highly stressed in the mornings can elevate your TMD discomfort significantly. A good solution is to pre-plan your a.m. routine so that you are less likely to feel overwhelmed or frazzled.

The alternative, if you do not take action to lower your stress levels, is jaw pain, sleep issues, and an increased opportunity to get sick. Instead, plan ahead to make for a smoother, less-worrisome morning by packing lunches and picking out your outfit the evening before.

What are Some Other Ways to Get a Better Sleep?

One tip is to reduce screen time in the evenings. In other words, reign in the amount of time you spend in front of a computer screen (including a smartphone). Take at least two hours away from the screen before bed to rest your eyes, and it will do wonders for your jaw too. You will find that your sleep quality is better and that you awaken refreshed to accomplish more in your day.

Are you looking for additional advice on reducing jaw pain or TMD? If you are tired of feeling tired due to TMD symptoms, take action to get an improved sleep soon. Call Dr. Moradi at Dental Wellness Group in Houston 713-590-9777 to speak with a TMD dentist who understands you deserve to feel better.