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How to Get a Facelift without Surgery

Facelift Dentist

How to Get a Facelift without Surgery

Yes, it is. You do not have to age well before your time, and you do not need a plastic surgery to stay young.

  • Why do some people look younger than others at their age?
  • How come the porcelain veneer or teeth whitening does not help you look younger?
  • Why does the face get rounder – or sunk?

Have you ever considered these questions? The answer is anti-aging dentistry, performed by Dr. Moradi in Houston, TX.

Premature aging starts when your teeth and the jaw do not support the cheeks properly from inside. You may not even know that your jaw does not have the right position. Only a dentist with advanced training in TMJ and occlusion, such as Dr. Moradi in Houston, can measure the jaw positioning and tell you if there is any misalignment. Then the treatment plan will be designed accordingly.

Facelift Dentist

Anti-aging dentistry aligns the jaw joints in the proper position, enabling the chewing system to work the way it naturally should. As the teeth properly match each other, the facial muscles can relax. No more tension in the muscles – less wrinkles on the cheeks. The facial profile improves remarkably. If you have an overbite or underbite, if your jaw has the wrong position and you do not get it treated, your face becomes shorter as years go by.

No other treatment can support your face better, help you look years younger, improve your health and your smile.

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The face becomes shorter when there is a chronic strain in the muscles.
For example, have a look at sportspersons. Yoga practitioners are slim because their muscles are relaxed, due to stretching exercises. Heavy weight lifters are large, because they always tense their muscles.

When the lower jaw properly fits the joint, the facial muscles relax, and the airway opens, which means increased oxygen intake, better quality of sleep, better nutrition for the brain and facial skin. The facial profile will look better, the oval of the face will improve as well as the skin color.

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Porcelain veneers are just a cosmetic camouflage for your bite problem, because they do not fix the real reason behind your oral health issue.
With anti-aging dentistry, the face gets longer. Wrinkles and fine lines smooth out. The teeth and bite position support the cheeks, giving you a younger and healthier appearance. The jawbone can balance the rest of your face, and your look improves from every angle. Anti-aging dentistry is available at Dental Wellness Group in Houston, from a leading dentist A.K. Moradi, DDS, MS.

Dr. Moradi can optimize the shape and proportions of your face, your profile, the size and position of your chin. A better, healthier bite will improve your oral health and enhance your facial structure. The treatment is simple and it does not require any surgery. It gives you the perfect bite and jaw position. It helps you keep your oral health and look much younger than your age.

You will look your best and have a great oral health once you get your ideal jaw position and bite.

You do not have to undergo a superficial cosmetic surgery that only treats your skin or fills your face with botox. The inner structure of your bones and muscles is more important. An aging face will appear naturally younger once you get the perfect teeth and jawline.